Beginning of the World Weapons

The world weapons are the seven weapons created from Dust that are able to change the balance of power within the world of Gaia.There are three Superior class, two Epic class and two Legendary class weapons and they each consist of a different class of weapon: Sword, Halberd, Pistol, Grimoire, Throwing Weapon, Hand to hand, and a magical item. They are called:

-Striker, Annihilation of the Frost (Sword)

-Shadow steel, Halberd of Twisted Visions (Halberd)

-King of Nines, Shooter of the Shifting Sands (Pistol)

-Destiny's Lexicon (Grimoire)

-Impact, Soul of Suffering (Throwing Weapon)

-Thunder Fist, Dawn of the Shooting Stars (Fist Weapon)

- Cataclysm Eye (Magical Item)

These all have the traits of a world weapon. They are able to reincarnate themselves when they are destroyed, so you cannot get rid of them by mortal means. They all have power equal to a third of the Original Dust's power. Only three of them have known positions: Shadow Steel is in Overworld, King of Nines is held in Delmoure by the Delmour'de, and Destiny's Lexicon is in the Lancaster I.C.B. headquarters.