The Wayward Chaps are a gang within the district of Chesten within Ignia. They are also known as a dangerous crime ring. Peddleing in drugs, murder, and blackmarket goods, The Wayward Chaps are not a group of people most would like to cross.


During the turn of the first century a.c., two men by the names of Samwell Gordan and Nathaniel Lemes, not wanting to obtain honest jobs, decided the best route would be forming a street gang. At first, the gang only delved in illegal fire-arms and drugs. Later years, they realized the spicing the paycheck with assassination would bring in much more.


Currently the Wayward Chaps have expanded far beyond a normal street gang. Over the years they've slowly turned into a feared and dangerous crime ring. They deal in not only drugs, firearms, and extortion but murder as well. Those who anger the leaders and generals of the Wayward Chaps tend not to live very long afterwards.