What are the Paladins?

The Paladins are a religious group of protesters that believe the I.C.B. is corrupt, and that Dust should not have been touched by human hands.

Paladin Founder

The founder of the Paladins was an idealistic man that went by the name Henry Ardin. He was a commoner that was born and raised in the slums of Ignia, bordering Lancaster. He looked up to the I.C.B. as a goal in his life. In the year 110 a.c., Henry was running errands for his sick grandfather when raid sirens had gone off. A group of Delmour'de has crossed the Ignia borders unseen and into Lancaster. I.C.B. In-Mechs had been launched soon after to intercept the group. A skirmish was fought in the commons, killing over half the civilians that resided there, and one of the victims was Henry's grandfather.