Overworld is the largest nation on Gaia, and by far the most powerful out of them all. Overworld as a nation was established in 22 a.c., by Johnson Bennett, at the time the president of Controede Industries, famously known as the industry to create the Con-Mech. Construction on the megacity of Overworld began the next year and in present day, it spans much of the nation's square mileage itself, with a population well over a billion souls. Johnson was unexpectedly assassinated by his own men in 26 a.c. and then Controede passed hands over to other men, until finally being merged with Dyron, Co. in 30 a.c. Overworld itself was built from the ancient industries of these men, and nearly 200 years later the ruins remaining of these industries have all but vanished from the face of Overworld.

Overworld as a city, on the other hand, is prospering far better than anyone else. The headquarters of the I.C.B. are located here, alongside many master buildings for the various corporations. Controdyron Industries, one of the sole companies in all of Gaia allowed access to Dust and, on that matter, one of the only companies allowed to produce Con-Mechs, are located here. The city's pollution, while severe, has been cut down nearly 10x the level it was almost thirty years ago, with the onset of the election of Alexandros Luxor, a man known for his zeal and his extremist beliefs in environmentalism and what many believe to be con-machination.

Currently, Overworld has little conflict, if any at all. The Omni Corps, some of the most hardest-trained men in the world, are a force to be reckoned with and that ensures most wars go undeclared. A famous exception was the Regalia War, between Overworld and Espin in 180 a.c., when Ignia and Lancaster were still part of Overworld's territory. The stalemate -- an unlikely one at that -- ensured Espin would cut off all contact with the outside world. The Military District in the city, where the home of all three Corps are located; the Alpha Corps, the Delta Corps, and the Zeta Corps; also guarantees there will almost always be a military presence within the city.