Lancaster, similar to Delmoure, is divided between two factions. Ever since 112 a.c., a religious group harboring the name "Paladins" have been wreaking havoc throughout the Mega city. On the other side, the I.C.B. Zeta-Corps has been attempting to restore peace in the city. To do so, I.C.B. wants to have the Paladins sign a treaty that gives them their own district for worship called the Paladin Plaza. This way the Paladins could have their own place to worship Gaia any way they see fit.

A Conflict Worsens

The Paladins believe that the treaty is unfair, so they have been buying and selling military grade equipment illegally on the black market, such as beam rifles, field belts, energy shields, hand cannons, and parts to attempt to make modified versions of the Con-Mechs. Recently, I.C.B. has been cracking down on dealers for these goods, like Andrew Mallith, Claude Lemming, and the notorious Mask. If not for the recent major outbreaks, Lancaster would be the #2 tourist destination for people that originate from other nations.

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