The Invasion of Delmoure is an ongoing conflict in southern Delmoure between the Delta Corps of Lancaster and the Delmour'de native to Delmoure itself. The war, which has currently been ongoing for just over a year, has been a rather impermeable stalemate. The Delmour'de, something of a patriot fighter group within Delmoure, refuse to give up their lands, with the help of the Paladins, who appreciate and want to preserve the unurbanized land that still remains. The Delta Corps, on the other hand, seek to capture Delmoure and urbanize it like the rest of Gaia. To that end, the Paladins have brought their men over to Delmoure in pursuit of the same goal, but with different ulterior motives; they want to turn the entire continent of Delmoure into a paradise for their religion. The Delta Corps are attempting to recruit the corp-nations on the southern islands of Gaia and help them fight the men but also to stay behind and help revolutionize the continent. Many people, not only the Delmour'de or the Delmourian people, are criticizing this invasion, calling it unethical and unneeded.