A nation on Gaia. Ignia is known for it's weapon production and black market activity. It is the third largest Mega city in the world just behind Lancaster. It is the most technologically diverse, due to its massive mineral count beneath the surface. It's people are on edge, and trust no outsiders, which gives it a dangerous vibe if you were not born there. Ignia itself is similar to a factory, due to it's insane production rate of military arms.

Weapons Produced

-M22EFBM: standard issue medium to close range primary weapon that every In-Mech carries.

-Hand Cannons: a powerful, uncommon sidearm that In-Mechs will sometimes carry. Usually seen on C.Q.B. variants.

-M15EFF (Mark 15 Energy Fueled Firearm): Mass produced Energy pistol that almost all In-Mechs carry. Sold on the black market for relatively low prices.

-In-Mechs: The only other location where In-Mechs can be massed produced, but even then, Ignia cannot produce them without authority from the I.C.B. in Overworld

-Shield Belts: commonly worn by In-Mechs to protect from friendly fire. Does not protects against physical type weapons such as hand cannons and muskets.

-Shield Crests (pocket version of Shield Belt): Human made, these are sold on the black market for a high price due to the fact that I.C.B. does not warrant their use, so it is hard to get the materials for them.

-Carbon-Fiber Exosuits:Self explanatory, every In-Mech is outfitted with these as their body frame.

-E.F.S. (Energy Fueled Sabre): Not as common as the weapons listed above. Mainly battalion leaders are equipped with these because of their immense programmed combat ability.




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