A futuristic steam-punk city covered world. It wasn't always like that, though. In the year 0 a.c.(after creation), humans had developed and spread across the planet. Much of Gaia at that point was grasslands, forests, and oceans. In the year 23 a.c., Civilization had progressed to what is present day Earth. A man by the name Logan Whitmore had taken development to an extreme by creating construction mechanisms, or Con-Mechs for short. The Con-Mechs were revolutionary A.I. humanoids that could build structures similar to our empire states building in two days.[Learn more about the Con-Mechs in the "Con-Mechs" page] in just over ten years, multiple gargantuan cities were created. The most notable of these cities is "OverWorld", the capital of the world.

More will be added over time as we develope the fantastic world of Gaia