Delmoure is the most southwestern nation on the world of Gaia, with its citizens scattered and living in second and third-world conditions (relatively speaking). On Delmoure, the people are remarkably less developed than their counterparts on the other parts of the world; starvation is common in some parts of Delmoure and near-epidemic in oters, and other parts of it have been reduced to 'mech farms' by the Ignians to the north and the Lancastrians to the east, in what is seen by many as near-colonization.

Landscape, Background, and War

In an odd balance of ultra-modernization and poverty, much of Delmoure is either completely modernized or completely barren; there is very little middle ground in between. Two factions, the Delta Corps and the Delmour'de; a title in the native Delmouriad language meaning "The Fighters of/for Delmoure". The Delta Corps seek to bring Delmoure into the Coalition of Gaia and urbanize the entire continent, whereas the Delmour'de are the patriots and nationalists of Delmoure who seek to keep it as-is, and have garnered support from the megacity of Lancaster for its belief in anti-machination. In recent light of this, a large regiment -- approximately 5 thousandfold -- of the Lancaster Paladins were dispatched to the only megacity in Delmoure, Kiemde, in support of the Delmour'de's defensive war. The Delta Corps are looking to draw the attention of the corp-nations to the far east and not only assist in the assault, but to remain afterwards to assist in the building process.

As of now, Delmoure appears to be locked in a quasi-civil war that neither side has made any real progress in. The commander of the Delta Corps, Connor Luck, arrived in early May and began the first skirmishes a month later.