The Delmour'de are a group considered 'extremist and dangerous' by the I.C.B. in Overworld, and considered a national threat against both the nations of Ignia, Lancaster, and the up-and-coming rebel government of the Delta Corps occupying roughly a quarter of eastern Delmoure. The Delmour'de themselves are mostly composed of the descendants of the native Delmourians or even the Delmourians themselves; the only real requirement for joining the sect is to be a follower of the Delmour'daic sect of the Du'son religion, inherently rooted in Delmoure itself.

In reality, the Delmour'de are something of an oddity; considered a minority in Gaia and at the same time a majority threat to the commonly accepted 'way of life', they are part of the last culture to cease practicing machination or steer away from it entirely. Years of oppression have finally given way to war, and most of the Delmourians that still remain have been forced to take up arms; thankfully,h the Delmour'de acts as a buffer for most of them to join up with the main fighting force against the Delta Corp and what is left of the nation of Delmoure itself. Despite this, even though the corp-nations and the massive megacities/governments are against Delmoure and its continued state of existence, many of those not in league with either feel sympathy for the oppression that the Delmourian people are receiving, and so the delmour'de occasionally fills up with new recruits that are not explicitly Delmourian or follow the Delmour'daic sect of the Du'son religion in times of crisis. Many battles have been won with the help of 'support battalions' composed of non-Delmourian people or vice versa. The current leader of the Delmour'de is only known as Twagatha; the second in command is James Luck, the brother of Connor Luck, oddly enough the commander of the Delta Corps attacking the region.