Con-Mechs are humanoid A.I. construction mechanisms built for increasing the rate at which civilization progresses. They are issued only for that purpose. Due to their capabilities, many people pay a high price for combat use on the black market. They are made of Carbon-Fiber frames with dust infused hearts that last for about 2 years.

There are also different classifications of Con-Mechs. These include:

In-Mechs: bread for battle, they are the main combat force of the world. Human casualties are no longer a concern.

Persona-Mechs: built for personal use, these are sold at a relatively lower price compared to it's Con-Mech counterpart, but most of it's more useful capabilities are taken away. Legal Price: $1,275. Black Market Price: $250.

Dirt-Mechs: these are older model mechs that can only last for approximately six months. The only ones left are in Delmoure, and don't have a price because they are so undesirable.


Production price: $10,450

Black Market Price: $5,225