Connor Luck
Connor Luck
Commander of the Delta-Corps
Also known as
Desert Demon, Delta-Demon
Date of birth
May 5th, 171 a.c.
Kiemde, Delmoure
Portrayed by


"If you were to die, would you go to heaven, or hell?" a famous quote from Connor Luck, he would soon find out which he would go to. He was born into an average family with enough money to get by every month. Connor had a mom, dad, and a brother. His brother, James Luck, was a naturalist, and believed that the Delmour'de had chosen a path of salvation that would avoid the destruction of this world.When they were both 18, they had chosen to go separate paths and follow which one they thought was best. Connor had joined the I.C.B. scout regiment, while James applied for the Delmour'de retaliation squad. A few years later, at the age of twenty-one, Connor luck had been caught in a firefight with Delmour'de resistance squads that were crossing the desert near their outpost. The leader of that squad was wearing a face mask to hide his identity. Connor, sitting atop one of the turrets, took his rifle and aimed at the leader's head. He took the shot, but when he opened his eyes that he closed due to the recoil of the gun, the mask had fallen, and with a scratch from the bullet along his face, he looked at Connor. James had been hiding behind his mask for three years, waiting for the right time to confront his brother.

A deal was struck

With Connor's entire platoon killed off, he was the only one left at the fort. With his back against a wall, James had stepped in front of him, knelt down, and looked into Connors blue eyes. "I don't believe we have met" was what he said to Connor. "You haven't even struck a deal yet. No matter, now is your chance." James pulled out a glowing golden gem from his pocket and asked Connor if he was ready to have power. without hesitation, James jabbed the stone into Connor's right eye. By the time he woke up, James was gone, and his eyes were both bright gold, with thin pupils similar to a demons.